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Peter.van.der.Plas at esa.int Peter.van.der.Plas at esa.int
Tue Nov 2 10:05:34 UTC 2021

Dear all,

In the MPS WG session #2 tomorrow, we will discuss the XML File Formats. 
To this extend, Roger has made available an updated issue E2 of the Blue 
Book, which can be found on the GDrive:


The XML File Formats specification is now provided in section 7.

In addition, you will find an updated Enterprise Architect model in the 
subdirectory "MPS File Schema" in the above GDrive location. This model 
provides the definitions of the MPS file format data structures, from 
which the XML Schemas will be generated. The current schemas can be found 
in the subdirectory "Schemas".

Note that this is still work in progress. Currently, only the Plan file 
format is completed, including a number of data types used by the Plan. 
The Planning Request file format is currently being modelled, as well as 
other data types, such as Constraints, Repetitions, Position and 
Direction, etc.

Please send us your comments or questions, or raise these directly in the 
WG meeting tomorrow.

Best regards,


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