[Moims-mp] MP&S WG - Virtual Meeting

Mehran.Sarkarati at esa.int Mehran.Sarkarati at esa.int
Tue Feb 2 15:26:55 UTC 2021

MoM of the Skype meeting on 02.02.2019:
- New member from CNES: Clements
- MS explained that MM has issued a resolution for nomination of the chair
and deputy chair of SM&C WG. Once this is settled, as a second step the
process for nomination of chair/co-chair of MP8S WG will be kicked off by
- MS will check with MOIMS AD wrt to expected schedule
- DLR (two students) has started the familiarisation with MO for the
prototyping. MS has provided the latest version of the MP&S service specs.
- MS will check on how to update the documentation/tutorials on Github with
information gathered/produced by DLR. This is very welcome and shall help
future new comers in getting started with MO.
- Requirements section for PlanningRequest Service has been reviewed during
the meeting
- The WG considered it not necessary to have textual requirements, repeating
the information, which is already available in table format. This means
practically to remove the requirements stating service x shall/may provide
the capability to xyz (service operations name).
- Same was agreed for the requirements wrt Structures, i.e. no need for
textual requirements repeating the obvious composition of the messages
- Roger will update the requirement sections for other services in line with
the discussions and decisions taken today
- Questions raised by CGI Estonia on Service Specs were reviewed and resolved
- It was agreed to have the updated version of the Book by 16.02.
- Action on all WG members to review the Book and provide comments before
- Next meeting 23.03.

Agenda for Meeting of 23.03.
As agreed at today's meeting, the main point on the agenda of our next WG
meeting (virtual) is to review the updated Blue Book.


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