[Moims-mp] Fw: Joint Meeting?

Mehran.Sarkarati at esa.int Mehran.Sarkarati at esa.int
Thu Aug 8 09:03:23 UTC 2019

Dear all,

We had pinned down to schedule a joint meeting with NAV WG, mainly for the 
Pointing Request constraint and the reuse of structures defined by NAV for 
pointing request message.

I will confirm to David his proposed date. 

Kind Regards

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From:   "Berry, David S (US 3920)" <david.s.berry at jpl.nasa.gov>
To:     "Mehran.Sarkarati at esa.int" <Mehran.Sarkarati at esa.int>
Date:   08/08/2019 01:19
Subject:        Joint Meeting?

Hi Mehran:

Recall that we have discussed having a joint meeting at Darmstadt to 
discuss coordination between CCSDS/MP and CCSDS/Nav Working Groups. 
Currently in my "Draft 0" schedule I have this tentatively on Thursday 
24-Oct-2019 after lunch. I don't know how this might fit your schedule. At 
this point the Nav WG schedule is very flexible, so if there's a time that 
fits your schedule better please let me know.

Please advise your thoughts...


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