[Moims-mp] Review of Draft CSS Abstract Event Definition Standard

Roger Thompson roger.rocketbrain at btinternet.com
Fri Dec 14 17:07:48 UTC 2018

Dear Colin,


Thank you for sending us the draft Abstract Event Definition Standard.


I was asked to review this from the perspective of its suitability for use
within our MPS WG activities.

Our conclusion was that we can use it within our MPS Information Model to
represent external events (principally Flight Dynamics predicted events, and
those forming part of a CSS Schedule of ground station support), but that it
does not have all the features required for our internal modelling of
Planning Events, which follow a common object pattern with other Mission
Planning objects, including Planning Activities, and have been defined to be
consistent with the MO Message Abstraction Layer.  


There is one significant issue, however, which was identified and which
Mehran has asked me to raise with you as a comment on the draft Abstract
Event Standard and potential RID.


In Table 3.1 of the document, it lists the parameters of the Abstract Event
class.  For the parameter "identifier" the following description is given:

"Optional Parameter.

An identifier that is unique for every occurrence of a particular event in a
particular file

NOTE     -             If the planning information is regenerated, then the
identifier for a particular event may change."


The fact that the Abstract Event Identifier does not remain consistent
across multiple iterations of the generated planning information is
considered a serious flaw from a Mission Planning perspective as it
precludes the automatic correlation of Planning Events inserted in a Plan
with the updated timing of those events in the next iteration of the
Navigation Event Message or CSS Schedule.  We suggest that the standard
should enforce that the Abstract Event Identifier for a particular event
remains constant across multiple generations of the same planning


Best regards,


Roger Thompson


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