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Tue May 31 16:52:08 UTC 2022

We discussed the Blue Book figure 4 in the telecon today, but there were a
lot of changes discussed, and I thought I'd document them in figures to help
Steve, and prevent rework.  I also had a few suggestions that I couldn't
squeeze into the discussion.  


Attached is a PPT.  


Page 1 is Steve's original figure.  


Page 2 is David's revised figure (maximum options).  


Page 3 is the first set of recommended changes:  

*	Add "OAIS" to Information Objects (Terry's suggestion)
*	Add "Archive" to Ingest (because users can ingest, too) 
*	Add "User" to Access (because archives can access too)
*	Add "User" to the left hand Specific Adapter (as discussed)
*	Add "Archive" to the right-hand Specific Adapter.
*	Add David's language binding examples (as discussed)


Page 4 is some additional recommendations.  

*	Mainly, instead of "sprinkling" the language boxes around the
generic adapter, arrange them so the flow can be shown, and data can't pass
unless it passes through one and only one language binding.   
*	Revise the "Access and Ingest" flow arrows so that they take
advantage of the language binding boxes.  
*	Add the Interfaces, which is really what our normative specification
will specify.  


However, the interfaces need work.  I've numbered them 1-2-3 as we did
before, but we probably need real names for the interfaces, since they're
our prime product.  

*	GAC API for the Generic Adapter to Comm interface?   Are they
definitely APIs?  
*	GASA API for the Generic Adapter to Specific Adapter interface?  
*	SAU for the Specific Adapter to User I/F?  Is there a different one
for Producers and Consumers, hence SAP and SAC APIs?  


Steve, those are my suggestions, but you can include or reject them for your
next draft, whatever you think best.  


Well, that's enough to think about before the next telecon.  Email
discussions/corrections/suggestions are welcome, of course.  


   -=- Mike


Mike Kearney

Huntsville, Alabama, USA 


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