[Moims-dai] DAI Integrated Schedule diagram and updated DAI CCSDS project framework

garrett at his.com garrett at his.com
Tue May 24 16:56:41 UTC 2022

As discussed at today's meeting, I have updated the diagram showing the
books DAI plans to complete.

Basically adding a year to the end of each of the active and future projects
to account for the continuing issues with getting standards into and through
the ISO review process.


I've also updated the active DAI projects within the CCSDS Project

Any future milestones have been pushed out a year, again due our ISO

The CCSDS Project Framework is in the CCSDS Working Environment (CWE)
portion of CCSDS's web presence.


Our project are listed under Charter 2.01 Data Archive Working Group



Hope, Health, and Peace,


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