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Resending because no one in DAI received it. /s/Terry


The SM&C (System Management and Control) group has agreed to my forwarding their latest Mission Abstraction Layer BB draft to DAI.  I think it might help to clarify some of our confusion over  the term abstraction although I don't think their abstractions are necessarily equivalent to ours. They welcome review and comments from our group. 


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[Moims-sc] FW: [CCSDS] MAL 521.0-B-3 (v0.8)


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Dear Mario,


In attachment to this note is the latest version of the MAL BB in clear and with track changes. 

This version has undergone a WG internal review and includes all the changes agreed within our WG and in coordination with the MP&S WG in the context of the MO 2.0 refactoring of the MAL.

On behalf of the SM&C WG, I would like to request to you as our Area Director to initiate the process of the Agency Review.

As we discussed, a software bug in the CWE system has prevented the request for the approval of the MAL BB project to progress. 

The CCSDS technical support is aware of the issue and is working on solving it.

As a result, our MAL BB project is still in draft status and has not yet been approved by the CMC.


I understand that we may need to wait until the project is formally approved before the book can be sent to the Agency review. 


Kind Regards




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