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I was planning to include a discussion of deployment option in the GB when things are agreed.I think it can be left until then since the design at the moment is at the level of software and software libraries.Where that software sits depends upon the circumstances and I would guess that the location of the components only affects the response time i.e. intrrprocess communications on the same computer will be quicker than messages across the internet.Of course we are designing only part of a system e.g. management controls etc.DavidSent from my Galaxy
-------- Original message --------From: Mike Kearney via MOIMS-DAI <moims-dai at mailman.ccsds.org> Date: 10/05/2022  16:10  (GMT+00:00) To: 'MOIMS-Data Archive Interoperability' <moims-dai at mailman.ccsds.org> Cc: kearneysolutions at gmail.com Subject: Re: [Moims-dai] Updated charts from today's DAI telecon As we discussed today, I’m resending out the “deployment options” figure that we settled on last October.   Chart 1 is the main chart for this discussion.  The left-hand option is the “baseline option”.  Steve, if you don’t try to cover multiple options in your component diagram, I would say the “baseline option” is the one you cover.  And then perhaps text in the white book (ADD) can mention other options.   However, I will say that I think a reader would benefit from seeing where the communications layer separates the client from the archive systems.  Not seeing that communications layer will (I think) particularly confuse novice readers that are trying to focus on which side (client or archive) they’re on and what they need to implement.    David, do you plan to use this in the green book?  I don’t remember if there’s a discussion of deployment options.   Chart 2 discusses what we plan to develop, but I’m not sure it’s accurate for our latest discussions.      -=- Mike Mike KearneyHuntsville, Alabama, USA  From: kearneysolutions at gmail.com <kearneysolutions at gmail.com> Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 2021 10:59 AMTo: 'MOIMS-Data Archive Interoperability' <moims-dai at mailman.ccsds.org>Subject: Updated charts from today's DAI telecon After today’s telecon, I updated the charts to delete all the deployment options that we rejected, leaving only the ones that were agreed to.   Actually, there are a few of the “native” configurations that we didn’t quite discuss much (they were on chart 7 of the prior presentation) but based on our discussion of allowing implementations that don’t expose interfaces 1 or 3, I believe these fit what we agreed to.  Corrections or comments are welcome on that.   Added one chart with text for the main points that we discussed, as well.      -=- Mike Mike KearneyHuntsville, Alabama, USA  
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