[Moims-dai] Terminology duplicates from SANA registry

david at giaretta.org david at giaretta.org
Tue Jul 19 09:24:54 UTC 2022

Dear all


The attached spreadsheet shows the duplicate terms from the SANA registry of
CCSDS terms which involve DAI i.e. either duplicates within DAI documents or
duplicates between a DAI doc and a doc from another CCSDS WG.

The idea is to identify which definition among a set of duplicates should be
marked as preferred. To help reading I've shown duplicates in different
colours - alternating yellow and white:

*	green rows show where there is a duplication with another WG.
*	blue rows show duplicates within DAI where I did not know how to
*	orange rows show duplicates which do not include DAI when we ignore


Column B contains a "p" to show which of the duplicates should be the
preferred definition.

*	There are a couple of row where the "p" is RED - these are where I
prefer the "non-DAI" definiton

Column D contains the book numbers where SANA says it got the definition -
but I only did this for the DAI books. Where it is blank then it is from
some other WG because that definition is more general


I've used the following guidelines to decide:

*	ignore definitions which come from GBs - marked with "d" in column A
*	prefer the latest version of OAIS
*	prefer the most recent definition from updated versions of DAI books
*	prefer EAST definitions where it makes sense


I'd appreciate any feedback on this analysis and the preferences shown.





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