[Moims-dai] JSON messages for OAIS-IF

david at giaretta.org david at giaretta.org
Fri Oct 8 12:13:45 UTC 2021

Peter's email reminder me that we do need to define message formats
otherwise different implementations will not be able to communicate, even if
we agree on using REST. Of course there are alternatives to REST which
OAIS-IF could use.

How about this simple example for a InfoPackage and an InfoObject, which you
should be able to understand fairly readily. The only non-OAIS native part
if what I call the "AndGroup" and "OrGroup" but I hope the example of the
OtherRepInfo where there are 2 separate implementations - C# and Java - and
one can choose which to use depending on which programming language you

You will see that all the separate parts are referred to by URI, but one
could instead put in simple text or an encoded binary object with something
like binhex.


Any comments?





                             "PackageDescription": "This  is an example







{"RIType":"SemanticsRI", "IdentifierType":"URI",

{"RIType":"StructureRI", "IdentifierType":"URI",

{"RIType":"OtherRI", "OrGroup": [

{"RIType":"OtherRI", "IdentifierType":"URI",

{"RIType":"OtherRI", "IdentifierType":"URI",

















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