[Moims-dai] Updated draft GB for OAIS-IF

Robert Rovetto ontologos at yahoo.com
Sun May 16 21:33:37 UTC 2021

I have some preliminary input on the draft. Please let me know if it is helpful. 

1) On Page 5 we read "Physical Object: An object (such as a moon rock, bio-specimen, microscope slide) with physically observable properties that represent information that is considered suitable for being adequately documented for preservation, distribution, and independent usage"
QUESTION: Are you trying to say that physical properties of physical objects represent information? 
Or are you trying to say that documented information represents those properties?
>From a philosophical ontological perspective, each claim would exemplify a distinct ontological priority.
Traditionally, it is data or information that represents the characteristics (i.e. properties, features, attributes, qualities, etc.) of things or objects.

RECOMMENDATION: If you intend the latter--documented information or data is what represents the features of objects--then rephrase accordingly.

2) On Page 4 we read "Information:Any type of knowledge that can be exchanged. In an exchange, it is represented by data."

OBSERVATION/INPUT: The distinction between data, information and knowledge is a long-standing one in intellectual inquiry. Are you sure you want to say that information is a type of knowledge? 

Often information is characterized as data (raw content or symbols) that is interpreted by an intelligent agent. Then knowledge is sometimes characterized as the next stage (for lack of a better work) from information, i.e., information that an agent applies or yield true justified belief. Knoweldge is often defined as justified true belief, but the distinction between data information and knoweldge is a challenging one to characterize.

3) 'Content Data Object' is mentioned in the Glossary, but it does not seem to be defined. 

Very respectfully,Robert Rovetto
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As agreed at last week’s DAI meeting, I have prepared a tidier and more consistent copy of the draft GB. It can be downloaded from https://www.dropbox.com/s/k7s1s7xh9tt01wt/OAIS-IF%20Rationale%20Scenarios%20and%20Requirements-20210516.docx?dl=0





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