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Hi all,
Attached please find some Interaction charts draw by Mike as part of an offline discussion. We can discuss these today.

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Steve:  Here is my non-programmer writeup explaining the interaction patterns, in layman's language, that I volunteered to send you today.   Some of these were not addressed in your UML tool interaction pattern graphics, and maybe aren't needed or desired.  But they just seem to be the dialog that we discussed.  Note that I started with the example that the adapter was not provided by the archive, but rather another source in the designated community.  A subset (the trivial example) would be where that source is actually in the archive.

Also, I separated a discovery phase from a data exchange phase, and even separated the data exchange phase into two examples... consumer and provider.  You can keep or reject any of this.

After I did this, I realized that I could have left the programmer calls over the arrows like you had (except I'm not capable of writing them) and had my "layman's language" explanation of each transaction off to one side in a "notes" column.  I think a lot of the discussion today was people not understanding the labels on each transaction arrow, and it would be less ambiguous to add notes off to the side like my (occasionally tongue-in-cheek) transaction labels.

David, we couldn't really figure out what you meant by the adapters were between my concept and Steve's concept.  So these charts may have the same problem for you that you briefly mentioned before.

   -=- Mike

Mike Kearney
Huntsville, Alabama, USA

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