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Tue Aug 3 15:51:44 UTC 2021

Hi Steve 


At the end of today's call there were some audio problems so this email is
to describe what was lost in the audio.    


To think about interoperability it seems to me that examples we discuss
should involve two different types/sources of information.


I was trying to say that one example of interoperability would be to be able
to get data from two archives (e.g. PDS and EMBL) and try to interoperate
e.g. combine/compare Provenance Information.

Each archive has its own way of encoding Provenance.

Right now one could get the Provenance Data Object and stare at (or write
special software for) the two sets of Provenance Data plus any documentation
there is and then, for example identify some events that happened at the
same time.


What we might propose in OAIS-IF is a simple Provenance Interface e.g. a
table of events, their times etc (see the GB). If each archive has
Representation Information for their respective Provenance which fits that
interface then it would be possible to identify matching times using
standard software.


We don't have to define one (or select one of the existing) Provenance
Interface, but we should at least consider it.


Does that make sense?






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