[Moims-dai] Latest Audit Metric Draft

garrett at his.com garrett at his.com
Tue Oct 13 03:35:44 UTC 2020

Hi All,


The latest draft of the underlying CCSDS Standard that is equivalent to ISO
16363 is attached.

Those of us who have been meeting on a regular basis to discuss this feel
that the text of this version is very close to being ready to be sent
forward to CCSDS for publication.

This version has comments linked to the suggested changes at

You can search in the document  for  "SC#nnn"  to find any updates in the
document associated with Suggested Change nnn from the review site.

Full disclosure, I do notice that I have about a dozen editorial updates
left in there also that are marked with "SC#TBD".  These are mostly updates
of citations to documents that have been updated or a couple spots where I
capitalized the use of terms that are in the glossary.


Please look it over and provide any feedback now.  


Next step will be to forward the draft to our Area Director and Deputy Area
Director for their approval to send it onto CCSDS for publication.


Many, many thanks to all of you who have provided suggested changes or
provided feedback on the suggested changes either through the review web
site or in the Skype call or in personal feedback.


May there be peace in your life,


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