[Moims-dai] Component Diagram and Updated Book

Terry Longstreth terry.longstreth at comcast.net
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I don't have Microsoft and I'm not sure if Libreoffice interprets the 
non-standard markup correctly so I didn't want to redline your  document 
(or Mike's version).

Some things I noticed:

 1. Section 2.3 Derived Interfaces, lists two package types for
    consumers, only one of which is a DIP. This will always be
    controversial, and in discussions (last month?) we suggested the
    diagrams use "IP" instead of DIP to accommodate all packages
    delivered to consumers.  This dichotomy should also be mentioned in
    Section 2.1 to reflect the distinction between true archived
    materials (i.e. derived directly from AIPs) and ancillary data such
    as search request responses, scheduling dialogs, or Report
    Assistance delivered to the Consumer. Of course you could leave such
    dialog or ancillary interactions outside of the OAISIF altogether,
    and leave those things to implementers to solve on their own. I'm
    not sure they'd necessarily impact the preservation life cycle.

 2. (I know this is a real /nit/) But book dates, in the footer and on
    the title page don't match.

 3. Figure 3 Caption (/sound it out)/

On 2020-10-07 10:11 PM, kearneysolutions at gmail.com wrote:
> Steve, attached are my draft additions to explain the boundaries of 
> normative material in the architecture, as we discussed during the 
> telecon on Tuesday. I turned track changes on, and you’ll find updates 
> only in sections 1.1 and 1.5.
> All, if you’re submitting comments/redlines to Steve, remember to turn 
> on Track Changes first… they’re off by default in the copy that Steve 
> sent.
>    -=- Mike
> Mike Kearney
> Huntsville, Alabama, USA
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> Hi all,
> Attached please find the latest version of the book in both .doc and 
> .pdf formats.
> Thank you,
> Steve
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> *Subject:* FW: Component Diagram and Updated Book
> Hi all,
> David mentioned that he will not be able to attend tomorrow’s meeting 
> of the MOIMS Data Archive Interoperability group and asked that we 
> continue discussion of the OAIS-IF.
> In preparation, attached are the latest Component diagrams and an 
> updated version of the book. To help focus the discussion I like to 
> review the set of elements to determine whether we have the minimal 
> set needed.
> Thanks,
> Steve
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