[Moims-dai] DAI report v2

david at giaretta.org david at giaretta.org
Mon May 11 14:07:34 UTC 2020

Hi Mike


OK, yes I can see that a more specific location would be useful  - I'll make
that change.


By the way, on the CCSDS Management Framework page
https://cwe.ccsds.org/fm/default.aspx my CWE account does not give me access
to things like to CMC polls.




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Looks good to me, David.  


On chart 7 for access to resources you say: e.g. on CWE Management


Easier access would be on the CCSDS Management Framework
<https://cwe.ccsds.org/fm/default.aspx> .  That way you don't have to drill
down through the disorganized and counterintuitive CWE folder structure.  


   -=- Mike


Mike Kearney

Huntsville, Alabama, USA 


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Comments welcome. We should finalize this tomorrow.



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