[Moims-dai] OAIS-IF UML diagrams for getting enough RepInfo

david at giaretta.org david at giaretta.org
Sat Mar 14 12:33:47 UTC 2020

Dear all


We discussed the OAIS-IF last week and I proposed a supplement to Steve's

In particular I have worried about how we show how the various messages are
"understood" by the receiver, and if a message is not understood immediately
then how further Representation Information may be requested.


I've added some UML diagrams in the Google doc I prepared - see


I hope this shows what I meant in the discussion last week.


I have not quite made it completely consistent with the CCSDS Message
Abstraction Layer (see https://public.ccsds.org/Pubs/521x0b2e1.pdf ), but if
this seems a good way to go it may be relatively straightforward to do that.
We then also be able to use the MAL JAVA API (see
https://public.ccsds.org/Pubs/523x1m1.pdf ). A JAVA prototype implementation
could be quite straightforward.

The binding to the MAL HTTP Transport (see
https://public.ccsds.org/Pubs/524x3b1.pdf ) may also be useful. 








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