[Moims-dai] Review of Latest version of OAIS

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I included all your suggestions except the one that is a few paragraphs under Fig 2-3 which starts:

The Information Object in the package may have various components. Of particular significance is the case in which the Information Object is made up of Content Information, which is the original target of preservation, plus its related Preservation Description Information (PDI). Only after the Content Data Object has been clearly defined can an assessment of the Preservation Description Information be made. The Preservation Description Information applies to the Content Data Object and is needed to preserve the Content Data Object, to ensure it is clearly identified, and to understand the environment in which the Content Data Object was created…


Your comment was :

The previous sentence relates the Content Information to the PDI. All of the references to CDO in this paragraph should be changed to CI. ???


However this would contradict previous decisions to refer to CDO so I don’t believe that this should be accepted.


So I think we are good to go.






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I have completed my review. I only have a few comments. I have tagged my comments with ???


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