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Mon Sep 9 01:54:16 UTC 2019

Hi All,


Just a reminder that the Data Archive Interoperability Working Group has
meetings scheduled at the CCSDS Plenary in Darmstadt, Germany on Oct. 21-24.


We plan to continue work on many of our projects at these meetings.


Hopefully the OAIS update will be finalized by then, but we may have some
meeting with our Area Directors or the CCSDS editor, etc. in regards getting
the draft published for formal review by the Space Agencies and ISO.

We will likely continue discussing proposed updates for ISO 16363 and ISO

We will be discussing the OAIS Interoperability Framework and the OAIS
architecture work and modeling.

Hopefully, there will be some progress on the IPELTU - Information
Preservation for Long Term Usability - document and we can finish that up
and submit it for publication. 

We should also take a look at long-term planning for our group and look at
what other projects/standards should be started up.


Those of you who intend to attend in person need to register (no cost) for
the meeting.

Registration and information on the meeting are available at:


We also intend to ask for support for web access to all the meetings.

It's likely that I will be accessing the meeting remotely.


If you plan to attend in person, please register to add the sponsors in
planning for meeting space for us.

If you plan to attend either in person or via the web, please let us know
what topics are of interest to you and the days and times when you will be
Once we get some feedback on this, we can work to craft an agenda that
caters to the needs and interests of as many people as possible.


Peace and joy,


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