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Subject: [EXTERNAL] RE: White Book inputs

Hi Steve,

I've attached the comments I had on white book.
During the Skype session I chatted a start of a list of what I see as the interfaces.
I've expanded that a bit and attached that also.
Others may want to comment on what the common abstract calls to the interface should include.

Peace and joy,
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Subject: White Book inputs

Steve:  Attached are my inputs.   I mostly only revised 3.1.3 Services.  I think I may have made a few other editorial corrections elsewhere, but probably not important.

I think after you get your current round of inputs, you should archive the redlined version and start a new clean version.  This is really hard to follow, and I don't think tracking the source of the comments is all that important right now.

   -=- Mike

Mike Kearney
Huntsville, Alabama, USA

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