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Thanks for your clarification.  I think you've made a significant 
improvement by creating situational definitions for these three. I hope 
we can form a consensus around them.

I was at first concerned about the expression 'traceable to' in Item 
3. Because it better reflects the activity needed to create a DIP, I 
preferred the construction 'derived from' instead of 'traceable to' but 
I'm willing to drop that quibble. I had thought the intention of 
'traceable to' to be that a DIP would be required to have clear or open 
text identifying the detailed sources and methods that generated it's 
outputs(or payload or intended Content or PDI). That  might in some 
cases be a potential breach of privacy or security considerations.  I 
realize now that that was a misinterpretation.

Even if others might be lead down the same path, I'm not sure if we want 
to clarify this intention.   Internally, of course, the Archive would 
need to maintain traceability to the sources and (algorithms/processes?) 
used to create a particular DIP. But the DIP would need only to contain 
a unique (trans)action identifier, probably including a timestamp, which 
could be used by some authorized ("cleared") agent to perform the 
necessary traceback research should the need arise.  It leads to an 
interesting question of provenance, which, for the DIP would be a 
composition of all of the aforementioned sources and processes as 
collected under the action identifier even if only the action identifier 
would be available to the DIP recipient.


On 2019-08-29 4:45 PM, Mark Conrad wrote:
> OAIS 2012:
> Information Package: A logical container composed of optional Content 
> Information and optional associated Preservation Description 
> Information. Associated with this Information Package is Packaging 
> Information used to delimit and identify the Content Information and 
> Package Description information used to facilitate searches for the 
> Content Information.
> Proposed replacement:
> Information Package: A logical container used for one of three purposes:
> 1.To transmit from the Producer to the OAIS information to be used in 
> constructing or updating Content Information and Preservation 
> Description Information. (Submission Information Package - SIP)
> 2.To manage and preserve Content Information and its associated 
> Preservation Description Information. (Archival Information Package - AIP)
> 3.To transmit from the OAIS to the Consumer information that is 
> traceable to the Content Information and/or Preservation Description 
> Information contained in one or more Archival Information Package. 
> (Dissemination Information Package - DIP)
> NOTE: There are different requirements/constraints that are applicable 
> to each type of Information Package (i.e., SIP, AIP, and DIP). See the 
> definition of each Information Package type and the discussion at 
> Section 4.2.2.
> Talk to you next Tuesday!
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