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Mark Conrad mark.conrad at nara.gov
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OAIS 2012:

Information Package: A logical container composed of optional Content
Information and optional associated Preservation Description Information.
Associated with this Information Package is Packaging Information used to
delimit and identify the Content Information and Package Description
information used to facilitate searches for the Content Information.

Proposed replacement:

Information Package: A logical container used for one of three purposes:

1.       To transmit from the Producer to the OAIS information to be used
in constructing or updating Content Information and Preservation
Description Information. (Submission Information Package - SIP)

2.       To manage and preserve Content Information and its associated
Preservation Description Information. (Archival Information Package - AIP)

3.       To transmit from the OAIS to the Consumer information that is
traceable to the Content Information and/or Preservation Description
Information contained in one or more Archival Information Package.
(Dissemination Information Package - DIP)

NOTE: There are different requirements/constraints that are applicable to
each type of Information Package (i.e., SIP, AIP, and DIP). See the
definition of each Information Package type and the discussion at Section

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