[Moims-dai] Notes of Skype call Tuesday 20th Aug 2019 and preparation for Skype call next week

Mark Conrad mark.conrad at nara.gov
Fri Aug 23 20:00:45 UTC 2019


I have completed my review of the document with David's proposal for,
"changing 20 (out of 216) mentions of “Content Information” to “Information
Object” and changing 37 (out of 102) mentions of “Content Data” to “Data”."
I have inserted comments throughout the document. As you will see, I
strongly object to the proposed changes.  There are a number of reasons for
my objections, including:

The changes would require OAISes to keep PDI for every Data Object under
their control.
The changes lead to (further) inconsistencies within the document.
This is a further dilution from Content Information -> Content Data Object
-> Data Object. An AIP must have Content Information and associated PDI for
the Content Information - not just the CDO. PDI is not required for any
Information Objects other than Content Information.
It would be much better and easier to state what is the reality. SIPs,
AIPs, and DIPs have very little in common in terms of purpose or
requirements. SIPs are used to transmit all or parts of Content Information
and PDI from the Producer to the OAIS. DIPs are used to transmit all or
parts of information derived from AIPs. "The exact information contents of
the SIP and DIP and their relationship to the corresponding AIP are
dependent on the agreements between the Archive and its Producers and
Consumers." (Section

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On Fri, Aug 23, 2019 at 7:48 AM David Giaretta <david at giaretta.org> wrote:

> Discussion this week (3rd Tuesday of the month):
>    - Most discussion was about the updated UML diagram sent by Steve
>    Hughes just before the meeting.
>    - UML tools:
>          - JPL uses MagicDraw
>          - DG uses Enterprise Architect
>          - Felix suggest that
>          https://www.eclipse.org/downloads/packages/release/2019-06/r/eclipse-modeling-toolshttps://www.eclipse.org/downloads/packages/release/2019-06/r/eclipse-modeling-tools
>          <https://www.eclipse.org/downloads/packages/release/2019-06/r/eclipse-modeling-toolshttps:/www.eclipse.org/downloads/packages/release/2019-06/r/eclipse-modeling-tools>
>          might be of interest. He also sent the document
>          ReverseEngineeringPlugins.docx available at
>          https://www.dropbox.com/s/sja7y0rzwedl40h/ReverseEngineeringPlugins.docx?dl=0
>       - An issue which overlaps with the OAIS updates was the definition
>    of Information Packages – currently they must have “Content Information”
>    rather than the more general “Information Objects” – see mark up in
>    document noted in the action below.
> Preparation for next Skype call on OAIS update finalization:
>    - The document with combined changes wrt 2012 release of OAIS is
>    available at
>    https://www.dropbox.com/s/o424z4gfmoaosnc/OAIS%20final%20v3%20draft%20with%20changes%20wrt%20OAISv2%2020190425_bbh_with-DAI-responses-20190605-20190805.docx?dl=0
>    - *ACTION FOR ALL BEFORE THE NEXT SKYPE CALL*: read and comment on
>    additional suggested changes in
>    https://www.dropbox.com/s/avi4vu6u888lz6q/OAIS%20final%20v3%20draft%20with%20changes%20wrt%20OAISv2%2020190425_bbh_with-DAI-responses-20190605-DG-trial-CI-change.docx?dl=0
>    . This involved changing 20 (out of 216) mentions of “Content Information”
>    to “Information Object” and changing 37 (out of 102) mentions of “Content
>    Data” to “Data”.
> Regards
> ..David
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