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Hi John,

thank you.

Kind Regards,

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I’m attaching the latest draft I have of ISO 16363.  I think I’ve backed out the changes from the  first SC that we discussed yesterday and decided to reject.
This version still shows a number of the proposed updates associated with second SC (SC#091) that we discussed.  I believe at the close of the session we agreed to reject those specific updates since they were covered at a more appropriate level and more correctly in other locations.  Since it happened at the end of the day, I haven’t had time to pull those proposed changes out yet.

Note also that most of the proposed SC updates are included in the draft, but we still need to discuss each of them to determine if we will agree to the changes or not.

Peace and joy,

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Hi John, can you circulate the updated version of 16363 too?

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Hi all,

I’ve attached the latest OAIS draft I have.
It shows agreements through the telecon this week.
We currently have a single SC#135 that is outstanding.
I think we agreed that most of the restructured Section 6 is in good shape and only the examples in Section 6.1.6 were still a problem for some.
A few people agreed to provide some updates to be discussed at the CCSDS meeting this coming week and possibly in the telecon the following week.  At that time we will need to come to a consensus or vote on the options and move on.

Since this draft is close to complete, readers can start going through the document to ensure that the document as a whole holds together and all the individual updates have been correctly reflected in the document.  We hope to read through the whole document within the next week or so to ensure it is ready to be turned over to CCSDS for publication for review by the community.  So please reply with any grammer, consistency, formatting problems with the text.  Comments will be removed before it is turned over to CCSDS for publication.

Peace and joy,
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