[Moims-dai] Join my group on Skype

John Garrett garrett at his.com
Mon Oct 15 21:27:27 UTC 2018


I've made a group on Skype for us to chat, share and collaborate.

Join it by clicking the link:

*Don't have Skype yet? Download it before you join https://www.skype.com

We will use this Skype account for entire week.  Join us when you can.

Our updated expected agenda for tomorrow is:

(Times listed are for Berlin)

08:45 Review Planned Schedule of DAI WG Projects for next several years
          i.e. what standards will we work on
          Includes initial take on all docs up for 5 year review  (reconfirm, deprecate, or revise)
                  includes schedule/resource review of current projects 
                             (IPELTU, OAIS, ISO 16363, OAIS-IF Architecture)
                  Need to start any new DAI project

10:15 Break

10:30 IPELTU Discussions
	Status of actions from previous meeting (nothing has been distributed) any progress?
		Review any new material, if any
		Plan and schedule to complete

11:30 OAIS-IF – Architecture Discussions
	Status – progressing  (new draft distributed on mail list several days ago.
		Current thinking is that this will be a Blue Book (Standard), but this is subject to change based content developed.
	Review new Section 1 (Introductory sections) 
 	Begin review of updated Section 3 (generated from model XMI)
		Are objects/functions incorrect broken out or missing?
12:30 Lunch

13:30 OAIS and ISO 16363 Status
	Planned Timeline, Are resources available? 
14:00  ISO 16363 Review
	  Start review Suggested ISO 16363 Changes 
	  Any additional SCs expected?
		I planned to submit a number of them I generated while conducting audits.

15:45 Break

16:00  (Normal DAI WG Telecon time)
	    Continue review of OAIS Changes
		Status and plans to complete this update
		Initial look at David’s new text to resolve SC#135 (sent a day or so ago)
			Hope to approve this update next week if favorable review today
		Discussion of any identified actions needed to complete draft
		Any questions for CCSDS Editor?

17:30  End of meeting day

I hope some of you can join us via Skype

Peace and joy,
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