[Moims-dai] Telecon reminder November 27

Eld Zierau elzi at kb.dk
Tue Nov 27 13:56:19 UTC 2018

I saw Marks slides pretty late, - but did not realise that they were here as well
The SC 135 had a set of slides as well including all my edits for e.g. SC 137
I have taken this version and included all changes and remarks from Marks version – into the attached version
I will try to get through these slides as well within the next hour
Best regards, Eld

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Hello all,

Attached is an updated copy of David’s slides.  I added my comments in speakers notes.  Some of the same comments as Mark sent.
There were 2 comments on many/most of the slides. After a while I stopped adding these two.
    I thought we were changing shape of Producer, Consumer, Management to be rounded.
    I thought colors for function boxes were to match the color of the Functional Area as shown in figure A-1  (I added an earlier proposed version to the  powerpoint slides)

Perhaps we still want this, perhaps not.

A third comment on many of the slides was that I shifted label text to be closer to arrowheads.
Seemed at start that was the convention.  However when I got to later slides, it seemed the convention was just the opposite.
Many times it is hard to get everything in, but do we have an intention of the label text being near the arrowhead?

Peace and joy,

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Hello all,

Attached is a copy of David's slides with my comments. Looking forward to our discussion tomorrow. Hopefully, I will be able to connect!

Mark Conrad
NARA Information Services
Systems Engineering Division (IT)
The National Archives and Records Administration
Erma Ora Byrd Conference and Learning Center
Building 494, Room 225
610 State Route 956
Rocket Center, WV  26726

Phone: 304-726-7820
Fax: 304-726-7802
Email: mark.conrad at nara.gov<mailto:mark.conrad at nara.gov>

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Hi all,

Just a quick remainder of our next DAI WG telecon and  about DAI telecon schedules.
We agreed to our current schedule so we can make progress on all our documents.

1st week  of month:  ISO 16363                                                   Dec 4      Jan 1?
2nd week of month:  IPELTU                                                         Dec 11    Jan 8
3rd week of month:  OAIS-IF  Architecture                                 Dec 18   Jan 15
4th week of month:  OAIS                                             Nov 27                    Jan 22

We really need to make progress on all of these documents.  So it is important for document editors to get information out at least a week before the scheduled discussion and it is also important for everyone else to review the materials in that week before the discussion.

Between scheduled telecons, It is also possible to do things via the mailing list or lists for editing teams if that is desirable.
We could also schedule additional telecons for an editing group if people wanted to do that.

To prepare for the OAIS discussion this coming Tuesday, I would invite everyone to review the figures that David has updated to ensure they are correct and reflect the desired updates.
I believe David last sent them out to the group on November 4th.

Peace and joy,

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