[Moims-dai] Version with updates to section 6.1.5, drawings and some references

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias L. Hemmje Matthias.Hemmje at fernuni-hagen.de
Mon Jun 4 06:23:10 UTC 2018

Good Morning, 


I would like to object to these changes related to 6.1.5. in the currently
introduced form

as they are  misusing our original contribution and are misleading w.r.t.
the original 

intentions of adding this section. 


We have been introducing, coordinating and

discussing our contribution for more than two years now.

It was initially based on an change request prepared 

in several workshop activities by the NESTOR communities

in Germany and therefore it is not ok to try to turn it into something 

totally different now.


This new intended contribution is introducing other concepts (inner and

outer OAIS) which are less general than the concept of a distributed 

OAIS with distributed functional  entities. 


The concepts of an inner and an outer OAIS had been 

discussed repeatedly and diversely but NEVER

in relationship to section 6.1.5. 


If they are to be added now, they should 

be added in a different place and with clear motivations and consensus

building beforehand which I have not been aware of.


In the new figures / example provided and the accordingly revised text, 

the inner and outer OAIS are still complete OAIS which was NOT the 

idea of the original contribution of this section related to distributed

with distributed functional entities as we had been discussing a 

distributed OAIS where the functional entities are really distributed

(and therefore each individual contributing archive may not be a complete

like many small and medium archives) and only their quasi virtual

produces the complete virtual OAIS.


The concept of inner and outer OAIS is a different one. I am not saying it

could not be added as a separate contribution in some other place but not by

our contribution in 6.1.5 and making the original intention of the concept
of distributed OAIS 

with distributed functional entities disappear.


Best regards

Matthias Hemmje



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some references


As promised here is a version based on the document send 25 of April 2018.

It includes suggested changes to

·       Section 6-5 (in accordance with recent updates to issue 135)

·       References in Annex D (in accordance with recent updates to issue

·       All figures are substituted except Figure C-1 (in accordance with
issue 137, 140, 141, 142 and some minor colour changes and consistency in
naming and place of arrow text)

Best regards, Eld


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