[Moims-dai] New ESA members in the DAI WG

David Giaretta david at giaretta.org
Mon Aug 6 13:44:56 UTC 2018

Welcome Beatriz and Christophe


You have been added to the MOIMS-DAI mailing list and you should have
received information about joining the weekly Skype call and links to the
review site that we use. Please let me know if this information has not

We have resolved a great number of issues on the review site but the ones
that are left are some of the most difficult and will greatly benefit from
your experience.


Please let us know if you need any other information or if you need a
separate call to get up to speed.


@Mario - thank you for helping DAI in this way. 










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Subject: [Moims-dai] New ESA members in the DAI WG


Dear David and John, 

it is my pleasure to inform you that 2 additional people will join your WG
as ESA members. They are both from the European Space Astronomy Centre
(ESAC) in Spain and are responsible for the large science archives of ESA.
They are: 

*	Beatriz Martinez 
*	Christophe Arviset.

I would appreciate if you could welcome them in your WG, include their email
addresses in the DAI distribution list, involve them in any relevant
discussion/webex and debrief them on the state of the art of the WG. They
plan to attend the meeting in Berlin. 

Best regards, 


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