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Bruce Ambacher bambacher at verizon.net
Thu Apr 12 14:43:28 UTC 2018

As we examine the value of information we also need to further examine the frequency of use as a factor in determining the most appropriate preservation methodologies to employ with particular digital objects.

While still at NARA I examined the use records over a two year period.  At that time approximately four percent (4%) of the holdings had been requested by users during that two year period. Put another way, any particular digital object probably would be accessed once every twenty-five (25) years. This use information excluded duplicate requests for the same digital object/data set.  Granted this was more than a decade ago but the use percentages are reflective of use patterns.  In the cultural heritage domain at that time the highest percentage of use was at the Harvard University Archives and covered its entire holdings, analog and digital.  Its usage figure was fifteen percent (15%).

Such low use figures illustrates how important the SIP process, especially the determination of the long term value of the information to be transferred, is for controlling the costs in your program and for demonstrating the valuable nature of your holdings.  It also can impact your approach to long term preservation and to the rapidity with which you adopt new, emerging technology.

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