[Moims-dai] CCSDS meeting schedule

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias L. Hemmje Matthias.Hemmje at fernuni-hagen.de
Mon May 8 14:53:43 UTC 2017

I can not dial in as I am still in flight until 17.00.


Will only be available tomorrow f2f.


Best regards

Matthias Hemmje



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Currently at the CCSDS Plenary.

The MOIMS Plenary will follow.

Then to our individual DAI WG meeting.


Was supposed to start DAI around 10:45 here, 11:45 EDT, but obviously we are
behind schedule.


Haven’t had access to room yet, so I don’t know what telecom support will be


Also, Peter really wants to talk to us about DAI and CCSDS Architecture
issues.  We had this scheduled for Thursday, but that doesn’t work for him
now.   As soon as we gather, we can discuss if we can move IPELTU discussion
that is scheduled for this PM at least partially to later in week to allow a
discussion with Peter today.

Also want to know who could telecon in this afternoon to discuss DAI and
CCSDS Architecture.


Peace and joy,



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