[Moims-dai] San Antonio CCSDS Meeting Registration closing today

John Garrett garrett at his.com
Mon May 1 22:56:31 UTC 2017



Yes, sorry registration was only expected if you intended to attend in person.  It helps ensure the  right size rooms are available and enough staff to sign people in, etc.


We will probably use our regular webex (Skype for backup) for the telecon participants.   Often quality of connection can be determined by IT and physical infrastructure available at site.

We’ll probably set it up as needed so people should let me know when/if they expect to connect.


Peace and joy,




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Tried to register as a remote attendee, and this caught my eye:

Do not register if you are attending only by telecon and you are not traveling to the meeting.

So, I'm planning to dial/Skype/Webex in.   Hope they publish the remote connection details for those of up operating on a shoestring (or maybe Velcro).


On 5/1/2017 2:18 AM, John Garrett wrote:



Registration for the CCSDS meeting is free, but it is useful for planning purposes.  So if you think you might physically attend the meeting, please fill out the registration form at


If you don’t have an CWE ID yet to sign up, please go to that page and request one.  You can also let me know and I’ll check that you get one also.


Lots of interesting topics for the week.  OAIS (and ISO 16363) updates, IPELTU draft final updates and approval for review, Discussion of future DAI work and Archive Architecture document, as well as joint meetings with Spacecraft Monitor and Control WG and CCSDS Architecture and other System Engineering WGs.



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