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Yes I would like to stay on the lists

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Van: MOIMS-DAI [mailto:moims-dai-bounces at mailman.ccsds.org] Namens John Garrett
Verzonden: dinsdag 25 april 2017 6:43
Aan: 'MOIMS-Data Archive Ingestion' <moims-dai at mailman.ccsds.org>
Onderwerp: [Moims-dai] (no subject)

Dear Colleagues,

Please reply to garrett at his.com<mailto:garrett at his.com> if you wish to remain on this mailing list MOIMS-DAI, the new MOIMS-DAI-info mailing list, or both.  If I do not get a response, you will be removed from both lists.

CCSDS Management has asked all CCSDS Working Groups to update their Working Group mailing lists.  They would like the Working Groups to maintain both a general informational mailing list as well as a mailing list of participants actively involved in the Working Group's pursuits.

To comply with this directive, we intend to set up a new MOIMS-DAI-info mailing list as the informational list and continue to use the MOIMS-DAI mailing list for active participants.
(Mission Operations and Information Management Systems Area - Data Archive Interest Working Group)

The MOIMS-DAI mailing list will continue to be used as the current list has been used.  It will be used for announcements, meeting and telecon coordination, issue identification and discussions (possibly lengthy and detailed) of various DAI or particular DAI standards, day to day working materials, working draft sections of standards being worked, etc.  Expect to get about a message a day on average with the possibility of having occasional mail storms when hot items hit.  As is common now, smaller standard editing groups may also create a smaller list to pull some of the messages off even this active list.

MOIMS-DAI-info will provide more significant announcement (like registration for the Spring or Fall CCSDS meetings or other announcement that CCSDS Management asks us to distribute), will likely distribute drafts of standards for Working Group approval before they are approved within the Working Group and submitted to CCSDS Management for formal review, occasional reminders of MOIMS-DAI telecons, other requests for the wider Archival community, etc.  Expect to have several messages / month on this lists on average with the possibility of more messages when the CCSDS Spring or Fall meetings are approaching or when we are releasing a number of new standards.

Again, please respond if you wish to remain on one of our mailing lists
               MOIMS-DAI                       active participants
               MOIMS-DAI-info               announcements

Peace and joy,
John Garrett
Deputy Chair Data Archive Interest Working Group
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