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Hi Nestor,


OK, thanks.  Some responses below.



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>> Is there a list of who is the CCSDS contact is for our Liaisons?  
Secretariat will issue shortly the new list 

>> For example I'm listed as CASCO contact when we are actually trying to
get contact from CASCO set up and I will be CCSDS contact to them. 
To be updated, but if you do not know who is your counterpart in ISO, the
liaison can not even define as passive 
     We do have  a couple of contacts within CASCO that we have talked to
including the current chair and staff lead of the organization.  I think the
secretariat staff also had another name of someone that would be the
official correspondent. I've already been getting info from them that is
forwarded through the secretariat staff.

>>I think I'm CCSDS Liaison contact for CASCO and I along with David are
contacts for ISO TC46 WGs which aren't even listed (perhaps CCSDS is not a
liaison and only ISO 
 >> TC20/SC13?) 
Liaiosn to ISO SC13 WGs will be added 
>> Lou was the contact for CEOS and someone else was supposed to be taking
that over, but I don't know who was found to do that.  I was backup for that
if needed. 
CMC decided to delete the liaison with  CEOS. there was no contact in the
last 7 years. No need to have a liaison. 

>>  And I think Don and I were supposed to be contacts for NISO. 
CMC decided to delete the liaison with  CEOS. there was no contact in the
last 7 years. No need to have a liaison. 
    We have been interacting with a few individuals from NISO although
through informal contacts rather than formal exchanges.  I think  this group
is  one that we will be interacting more with especially as we start work on
our architecture as they also have an architecture effort.  I had also
planned on trying to get them more involved again during our upcoming
Washington meeting at NIST.  Perhaps we could hold off breaking the tie till
after the NIST meeting to see how that goes.


>> I'm not sure how we show contacts when an individual is actively
participating in both organizations and sharing the information, for example
Mark Conrad who is 
>> employed by NARA and actively participates in DAI. 
NARA contact will be kept with M. Conrad on the NARA side and you as CCSDS

and there are only 2 liaisons that are very important for the CMC, IOAG and
OMG. All the others are at WG level and not at CESG / CMC level. 
I thought all the liaisons were supposed to be at the CCSDS level.  I didn't
think we were allowed to set up formal liaisons at the WG level.  

Also I understand that the IOAG and OMG are the most interesting ones across
all of CCSDS, but in general in the past they haven't had much to do with
archiving.  IOAG has mainly been interested in communications and in space
hardware and only peripherally interested in archiving.  As we've said for
many years, we would be nice to be getting archiving goals and priorities
from a group that really is interested in the ground based use of the data. 

And OMG is just now getting interested in Preservation as a Service.  Even
that is more Records Management oriented than Space Data archiving and use.


Anyway thanks for the input.


Peace and joy,




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