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John Garrett garrett at his.com
Fri Jan 13 09:06:40 UTC 2017

Hi All,


Summary of Previous meeting:


The WG discussed Report to CCSDS Management Council (CMC).   We are making a
few updates regarding other standards groups that we are in contact with and
how we are avoiding duplicating efforts.   Overall report is in good shape.
We are asking for final comments at the upcoming webex on Tuesday 17th.  Any
updates will be added to the report and expect to deliver it to the CCSDS
Engineering Steering Group (CESG) Chair later in the week.  We will discuss
any comments from him at webex on Tuesday 24th.  We will deliver the report
to the CMC by the end of the month.


We are awaiting completion of action items and receipt of any WG comments on
the current IPELTU document.  We hope to deliver a completed draft to CCSDS
Secretariat within the next couple of months.  They will prepare it for
review leading to publication.


The OAIS 5-year review is underway.  The WG could have decided to simply
reconfirm it, to cancel it, or to update it.  The WG felt that the sense of
the community was that the OAIS was still very widely used, continues to be
valuable in its current issue, but that some updates were appropriate.
Although updates were desirable, the feeling was that most of the community
wanted OAIS to remain essentially the same.  Based on this, the WG decide to
update the OAIS, but to maintain as much backwards compatibility as


The WG at that point could have decided to simply created an updated draft
on their own.  However, in a continuation of past experience, the WG chose
to solicit update suggestions from as wide a community as possible.


The deadline for the community to provide Suggested Changes (SCs) for OAIS
ended 12-31.  This formal comment period was open for more than 5 months,
but most of the comments were submitted in the final 2 weeks.  188 SCs were
received by the review web site.


The plan is for the WG to work through all the SCs over the next several
months.  The WG will attempt to reach consensus on updates that will be
implemented in the OAIS based on each of the SCs.  The WG last week decided
to start working these issues in the second half of our weekly webex
meetings.  A decision was made to first address all the 41 SCs that were
marked "Probably trivial to agree".  Once we have taken a first pass at
resolving those, we will start working through the OAIS Section by Section
from the start of the document through the Annexes at the end.  This will be
the normal process for discussing issues, but we may occasionally veer off
to discuss some broader comments that may take more time or that will have
wide-ranging impacts on the document.


Once we reach a consensus on accepting, rejecting, or addressing each of the
SCs in some other way, we will end up with a new OAIS draft.  This will then
be submitted for formal CCSDS reviews followed by ISO reviews.  As in the
past, the CCSDS WG will accept, and hopes to get, all comments on the draft
during the CCSDS review.  This is extremely important so we can keep the
CCSDS and ISO versions in sync.  The OAIS is very successful because CCSDS
and ISO versions are essentially the same and because the CCSDS is free and
freely available and thus accessible by many users that would not have
access to or would not purchase the ISO version.

We will begin review of the SCs at the next webex meeting on Jan 17th.  We
expect we can probably make it through about 10-15 of the "Probably trivial
to agree" SC's each week and can probably finish these up by the end of Jan
or early Feb.  



Meeting: 10:00 Tuesday (EST) (1500 UK time, 1600 European time) webex set up
by John 

Meeting number: 
957 698 012 
Meeting link: 
Audio connection: 
Via computer through your webex session or: 

*        1-855-299-5224 FREE FREE USA/Canada toll free 

*        0800-051-3810 FREE FREE Call-in toll-free number (UK) 

*        0800-9-19312 FREE FREE France 

Access code: 957 698 012




Draft Agenda


Report to CMC on DAI WG Future              (25 Minutes)

               Final WG updates before delivery to CESG Chair and CMC

               Latest version was circulated last week


IPELTU Comments                                         (  5 Minutes)


OAIS Update  (and ISO 16363 Update)       (30 Minutes)


               Begin working through Suggested Changes

Expect to address 14 SCs this week   12, 13, 22, 100, 203, 25, 100, 203, 25,
122, 26, 27 28, 33

              Word doc with all Submitted Change updates was circulated last



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