[Moims-dai] [ISO-PTAB] Fwd: Article on impact of OAIS' Designated Community term

Mark Conrad mark.conrad at nara.gov
Fri Apr 28 19:24:59 UTC 2017

TL: "I'd opine that she isn't challenging the notion of a Designated
Community so much as calling for help in establishing guidance for TDRs to
define their DCs better."

RB: "The findings in this paper support the author’s contention that*
alternative digital preservation models and metrics are necessary within
cultural heritage institutions,* like libraries and museums, to meet the
professional standards of practice in those areas and to ensure the
inclusion of broad populations within the user bases of digital
repositories." (emphasis added)

TL: "It sounds like Mark thinks she's discarding DCs."

No. I think she is advocating discarding OAIS.


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On Fri, Apr 28, 2017 at 3:14 PM, Terry Longstreth <
terry.longstreth at comcast.net> wrote:

> Mark's and my emails seem to have diametrically opposed impressions of the
> paper.  It sounds like Mark thinks she's discarding DCs.
> He may be right, but I think we need to applaud her effort, and show her
> that we want to use her criticism to improve life for TDRs.  She clearly
> understands that Designated Communities are not collections of users, nor
> even necessarily tangible.  They are abstractions and in this case
> abstractions that are particularly difficult to define.
> I'd opine that she isn't challenging the notion of a Designated Community
> so much as calling for help in establishing guidance for TDRs to define
> their DCs better  And I'd agree with that. It's been 7 years since the Test
> Audits, and John and David have been doing live audits to add more
> specifics to our experience base. To my knowledge, nothing of any of our
> joint experiences has suggested that TDRs' responsibility to define and
> serve Designated Communities is understood, nor do have auditors been given
> tools for how to guage the TDRs' definitions (and evolution of the
> definitions), or service to Designated Communities.
> The guidance that I think is needed is to provide some tangible examples,
> perhaps illustrated by one or more Use-Cases, to show how a TDR can clearly
> define Designated Communities (yes, plural..that's another argument, I
> know) and more or less rigorously apply those definitions so that they can
> be used to satisfy audit requirements.  Maybe David could update his Book.
> I don't think it should go into the revision of  OAIS, but perhaps a later
> update to 16363 or a separate pamphlet or annex.
> Terry
> On 4/28/2017 12:51 PM, Mark Conrad wrote:
> The author claims to have attended OAIS training. If she attended PTAB
> training, we need to review the sections that cover Designated Communities.
> She does not appear to have a good understanding of the purpose of a
> Designated Community.
> Mark Conrad
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