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David et al.,

I like the draft text below.  

I have another appointment scheduled so will not be able to make the telecon.


On Sep 12, 2016, at 2:38 PM, David Giaretta <david at giaretta.org> wrote:

> Meeting: 10:00 Tuesday (EDT) (3pm UK time) webex set up by John
> Meeting number: 
> 957 698 012 
> Meeting link: 
> https://iso-meetings.webex.com/iso-meetings/j.php?MTID=m5683a0947a4ee6da27d24586e644d7d8<image001.png>
> Audio connection: 
> Via computer through your webex session or:
> 1-855-299-5224 FREE FREE USA/Canada toll free
> 0800-051-3810 FREE FREE Call-in toll-free number (UK)
> 0800-9-19312 FREE FREE France
> Access code: 957 698 012
> Draft agenda: see http://wiki.oais.info/bin/view/DaiDiscussions/DaiNotes20160906
> Status of OAIS and ISO16363 review process
> email lists to and who will send to which
> the review website (http://review.oais.info/<image001.png> ) introduction (see text below)
> collecting ideas
> Comments on “Information preparation to enable long term use” draft
> Review of new actions
> ..David
> Draft text for Introduction to review.oais.info
> The open process used since 1995 to create and revise OAIS has contributed to its success.
> The CCSDS and ISO process is rather formal and is documented inhttps://public.ccsds.org/Pubs/A02x1y4c2.pdf. CCSDS follows the ISO code of conduct to ensure it addresses consensus, transparency, openness, impartiality.
> Although CCSDS is an organisation created and managed by the space agencies it welcomes participation from industry, academia and outside organizations.
> The CCSDS-DAI working group is, among other things, in charge of coordinating the Five Year Review of OAIS that includes gathering and adjudicating all comments, creating the consensus revision, and coordinating the review and approval of the revised OAIS standard. The working group is open to all; to participate, one should join the MOIMS_DAI mailing list athttps://mailman.ccsds.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/moims-dai<image004.png>. This mailing list is used to co-ordinate discussions and meetings. The website http://review.oais.info<image004.png> is being used to record, discuss and reach consensus on the suggested revisions; to contribute to the site one can create an account at http://review.oais.info/createaccount.cgi<image004.png>. Most work is carried out by email and this is also used to send out agenda and details for the weekly virtual meetings.
> CCSDS management has approved a schedule<image004.png> to produce a revised draft of OAIS by the end of 2017. Of course this could be completed earlier but past experience suggests that to reach consensus takes time. The draft is then submitted for review by the management of CCSDS and TC20/SC13 of ISO who will circulate the draft to their wide set of contacts around the world and coordinate the responses and return them to CCSDS-DAI. The draft will also be circulated widely by CCSDS-DAI itself. Ideally all the issues will have been addressed during the development of the draft. However further issues may be pointed out and these must be discussed and the issues resolved by reaching consensus. A second round of reviews may then be necessary. The schedule is to publish the new issue of OAIS by CCSDS and ISO by mid-2019.
> This is a long and involved process but is the one which has been well proven by CCSDS and ISO and has contributed to the success of OAIS.
> In order to ensure the continued usefulness of OAIS any revision must remain backward compatible with regard to major terminology and concepts. Further, for consistency the general level of detail should not be changed nor should the standard be changed from a reference model to an implementation design. Archive implementation standards or implementation profiles or detailed archival process standards or protocols should be addressed but they would become separate standards and would be developed through separate CCSDS projects. A particular interest for the current OAIS update is to reduce ambiguities and to fill in any missing or weak concepts and to add useful terminology.
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