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I thought I would forward this note from Vint Cerf.  


The essay is at  <http://geer.tinho.net/geer.nsf.6i15.txt> http://geer.tinho.net/geer.nsf.6i15.txt


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from an essay by Dan Geer, this definition of paradigm also applies to the OAIS notion of basic assumptions that are self-defining within a community so that the definitions of the metadata associated with data do not require further explanation:


But what is a "paradigm" and why do we want one?  As Kuhn puts it,
"[Paradigms] are the source of the methods, the problem field, and
the standards of solution accepted by any mature scientific community
at any given time."  Kuhn's book and the two decade long back and
forth between Kuhn and philosophers notwithstanding, the simplest
version is that a paradigm is all the things that a scientist can
assume that his or her colleagues will congenially understand about
their common work without explicitly explaining them or arguing
them from first principles again and again.



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