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I’ve started to look at how we can address the needs of a LT Archive in the services matrix.  I think a LT Archive will need a lot services that mirror service that Spacecraft Monitor and Control have defined for interacting with spacecraft.  We won’t need Navigation type services, but we will need a lot of Planning services, File Store Services, Configuration Services, etc., etc.  Actually we need those things more in most LT Archives because instead of a handful of experiments on a spacecraft, most Archives support hundreds of experiment data collections.  Archives deal with much larger set of and more diverse set of Providers/Consumers.  Archives must deal with changing Knowledge Base of Designated Community.  Archives expect to be operational for much longer than any spacecraft mission.


I’m sure this doesn’t all hold together, but I started to take the current services and identify where we could provide equivalent services for the LT Archives.  I’ve added rows to the services table starting on pg. 25.  I’m sure this doesn’t hold together, but it should give an indication of what is needed.


Does this make sense to anyone else?


Wishing you prosperity and peace,



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Hi all,


*  Missions last long enough that you must consider long term preservation of some of the data from the beginning.


Mark raises some very good points. I would like to add that Rosetta is somewhat of a success in this regard since the Planetary Data System (PDS) has been working with the Rosetta instrument teams to archive the mission data since about 2001. It is a joint venture with data now archived in both the PDS and ESA’s Planetary Science Archive. 









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I read an article on the (U.S.) National Public Radio website that I believe illustrates many of the points we are trying to make about the MOIMS System Architecture. The article is entitled, "Scientists To Bid A Bittersweet Farewell To Rosetta, The Comet Chaser." You can find it here: http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2016/09/29/495797996/scientists-bid-a-bittersweet-farewell-to-rosetta-the-comet-chaser


A couple highlights:


"Planning for the mission began in the 1980s, says Taylor."


"'You're looking at over 30 years to get you to a science target. It takes time and effort,' he says. 'There are scientists and engineers who have spent their lifetime working on this mission.'"


"Scientists will continue to analyze the data gathered by Rosetta for years to come. "





My takeaways:


Missions last long enough that you must consider long term preservation of some of the data from the beginning.


The most important product of the mission is the data. Thinking about how to create, capture, and select data for long term preservation should be central to all aspects of a mission.




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