[Moims-dai] Call for Submissions to 2016 Fall AGU Meeting Session, IN033: Publishing and managing data: the case for Trustworthy Digital Repositories

Robert R Downs rdowns at ciesin.columbia.edu
Tue Jun 21 14:41:07 UTC 2016

As I mentioned during our call today, we are pleased to invite 
submissions for the session, Publishing and managing data: the case for 
Trustworthy Digital Repositories, which has been accepted by the Earth 
and Space Science Informatics (ESSI) focus group for the AGU 2016 Fall 
Meeting. Abstracts are due by 3 August 23:59 EDT. Please excuse any 
duplication of this message.

IN033: Publishing and managing data: the case for Trustworthy Digital 

Session Description: Continuity of science demands that data remain 
useful and meaningful over time. Data created for and used by 
researchers should be managed, curated, and archived to protect the 
initial investment in data collection and to ensure future discovery, 
access, and reuse. Science funders are mandating open data policies that 
call for long-term accessibility and stewardship of data. Publishers are 
realizing the importance of lodging data underlying publications in 
Trustworthy Digital Repositories. Domain and institutional repositories 
play a critical role to address these requirements, however, their 
sustainability raises challenging issues in different areas: 
organizational, technical, financial, legal, etc. Certification 
standards are important to assess the trustworthiness of digital 
repositories and hence the potential for sharing data over a long period 
of time. This session invites papers describing the challenges and 
opportunities for Earth and space science data repositories and 
services, the value and role of certification, and how Publishers are 

Primary Convener:  Mustapha Mokrane, ICSU World Data System, 
International Programme Office, Tokyo, Japan
Conveners: Ingrid Dillo, Vice-Chair WDS (Data Archiving and Networked 
Service, The Netherlands), Robert Downs (CIESIN SEDAC, USA) and Sandy 
Harrison, Chair WDS (University of Reading, UK)

Session ID#: 13445 


Bob Downs

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