[Moims-dai] Vint Cerf talk at GSFC

Mike Kearney kearneysolutions at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 20:29:10 UTC 2016

FYI, Vint Cerf's talk at GSFC is now online on my YouTube account.  



GSFC still plans to put it online on their system, but they are waiting for
some kind of upgrade to happen first.  But they've already been waiting a
year and no sign of completion anytime soon.  So they graciously sent me the
video file, and the closed caption file.  On this YouTube video, the hearing
impaired can turn captions on.  


I also sent a link to David so that he can download those files also, and he
may put them on some DAI or CCSDS resource.  


   -=- Mike


Mike Kearney

Huntsville, Alabama, USA


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