[Moims-dai] NASA Guidance (Records Schedule) for Project/Program Files

Mark Conrad mark.conrad at nara.gov
Tue Jan 5 19:52:28 UTC 2016

The attached file is taken from the current (May 2014) NASA Records
Retention Schedule (see
http://www.nasa.gov/offices/ocio/recmgmt/#.VovzV9KrRlY) It is the section
that covers comprehensive program/project documentation. There are several
interesting things about this schedule.

First, not all projects have "permanent" (i.e., worthy of long term
preservation in the archives). See items 101-117.

Second, the schedule identifies 8 stages of a project - Formulation,
Approval, Design Development, Manufacture, Fabrication and
Assembly, Pre-launch System Integration and Verification, Implementation
and Operations, Observational Data, and Evaluation and Termination. Note 1
beginning on page 8-25 lists some of the types of documentation and records
that should be captured at each of these stages for eventual transfer to
the archives. Note 1 also lists some types of records and documentation
that may be created across stages of the project/program that should also
be captured and transferred.

Third, the schedule indicates that some of what is to be captured and
transferred is a matter of judgement. Throughout the entire schedule it
suggests that, if in doubt, the records-holder should consult a NASA
records manager or contact the National Archives and Records Administration

Fourth, these records retention items are specific to project/program
files. They do not cover other types of records created in different
contexts. You can see examples of other types of records and their contexts
by looking at the full records retention schedule at the URL listed above.

Hope this is helpful.


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