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Sat Feb 27 14:17:35 UTC 2016

David, et al.,

I’ve not made additional comments in the draft at this point but I’m attaching my previous version for convenience.  

Reflecting on the discussion from the last telecon, and given that this document is attempting to ‘change the culture’ by putting an emphasis on addressing the needs of long term archiving from the beginning of an information creation project, I suggest the following be considered:

1.  At the proposal stage, there should be a written identification of one or more potential ‘long term archives’.  This will require some thought be given to this topic from the very beginning and it would foster an early exchange with one or more of these archives to determine any specific archive requirements.

2. At the proposal stage, there should be a written description of the Designated Community which must at least include a class of individuals who have no involvement in any aspect of the project.  This would establish a minimum semantic benchmark against which the project can view its efforts to capture sufficient Additional Information.

These concrete actions at the proposal stage would be a ‘wake up call’ for projects, which is needed in my opinion.


ps  I’ll be  out of town next week and will not be able to participate in the telecon.

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