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The link to the  document should be






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Don't forget the call tomorrow:

At the time of the call - 3pm UK time - please call


UK:        +44 (0) 330 606 0182

USA:      (641) 715-3810

France +33 (0) 7 55 50 04 14

Germany +49 (0) 221 98203420 


For other numbers see


Participant Access Code:        396476#


The ICF document is still available:

up.docx?dl=0 - the all the changes marked from the version distributed by
John and commented on by Mark and Rosemarie

.docx?dl=0 - with all changes accepted although the comments are still there

.Comments please.


DAI has been asked to add some information:

1)     Update of on-line Strategic Plan 

*       [DLR-MOIMS-01] 653.0 Information Curation Process (Magenta Book),
actual completion dates till First Agency Review are missing.
[DLR-MOIMS-01] Xxx Producer Archive Interface Specification Tutorial (Green
Book), completion dates till Secretariat Document Processing are missing.

*       [DLR-MOIMS-01] Xxx Data Entity Dictionary Specificaton Language
(DEDSL) - XML Schema (Blue Book), actual completion dates till "Internal WG
Review - Second draft circulated to WG" are missing. [MOIMS] Agreed, however
most likely this will become an OB. MM: to be done by DAI


2) CWE Projects behind schedule 
There are a number of projects that appear "behind schedule" in CWE. Please
fix them. They are: 


*	Data Entity Dictionary Specificaton Language (DEDSL) - XML Schema 
*	Information Lifecycle and Long Term Usage 
*	Producer Archive Interface Specification Tutorial

I hope we can resolve these tomorrow.


Earlier today I emailed a proposed response to the e-ARK project on their
ideas for an OAIS package.  Comment?







COnf call numbers

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