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We can discuss this next week at the Webex. I assume this has some relevance
to Mike's architecture slides.




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Dear MOIMS WG chairs and deputy chairs, 

The Mission Operations Systems Strategy Group (MOSSG) of the IOAG was formed
to provide inputs to the IOAG on interagency coordination concerning Mission
Operations Systems, including recommendations on cross-support methods, a
Service Catalog for MO Services, and priorities for future standards work.
By Mission Operations Systems, the IOAG are referring to data and
communications systems that are generally resident within spaceflight
Mission Operations Centers (MOCs), Mission Control Centers (MCCs) and other
related command and control facilities that conduct spaceflight operations.
More info at  <http://cwe.ccsds.org/mossg/default.aspx>

The work of the MOSSG has completed and they have submitted their output to
the IOAG, which consists of (attached): 

*	a report in the form of a presentation 
*	the Service Catalog 3.

Despite the above documents have not yet been endorsed by the IOAG, the IOAG
chair would like to to have preliminary comments before the discussion in
the IOAG. In particular, he has asked for comments from the CCSDS/CESG and
from the CCSDS/MOIMS area, since this is the most affected. 

Based on the above, I would appreciate if each MOIMS WG could review these
documents and provide me with comments discussed/agreed/consolidated at WG
level by 14Sep16. 

Many thanks, 


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