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Any comments?


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Subject: RASDS Functional Model of MOIMS Area for System Architecture WG


Dear Mario and all,


The attached powerpoint contains my latest version of the Functional Model
diagrams for MOIMS as input to the System Architecture WG.

I am currently working on the Service view (tables) which I will circulate
in due course.


After the Cleveland meeting and objections to 3 of the 6 top-level
functions, I have revised this to 5 main areas:


*       Mission Control (which includes Monitoring & Control, Automation,
On-board Software/Procedure Management, and the Navigation Interface
function previously shown on the NAV diagram]

*       Mission Planning & Scheduling

*       Navigation & Timing

*       Operations Preparation - my name for this, but it covers the
off-line development of Operations Configuration Data [Sat DB, Procedures
and On-board Software] and the associated Configuration Management and
Distribution functions.  This includes the MO Common Configuration Service,
and provides a hook for XTCE.

*       Data Storage & Archiving - Peter wanted this generalised from File
Management.  I have identified 3 sub-functions: Operations Archive (normally
exists within the MCS covering TM/TC history, etc.); Data Archive (long-term
storage of payload/science data) - focus of DAI;  On-board File Store.  MO
COM Archive service is associated with the Operations Archive; MO File
Transfer and Management with the On-board File Store; DAI standards
including PAIS and CAIS with the Data Archive.  In practice (as the diagram
shows) there is little relationship between these 3 functions.


Following discussions with Sam and David back in June/July, I have included
the following:


*       A Common Services Diagram - includes Service Directory and
Login/Authentication.  Note Common and COM services also appear in the
Operations Preparation and Data Storage & Archiving diagrams.

*       Next level diagrams for Operations Preparation and Data Storage &


@Sam/David:  Hopefully this is in line with our discussions - please review
and provide any feedback.


The functional view does now cover the full scope of active MOIMS
groups/standards.  It is deliberately high-level:  my view is the Reference
Architecture should identify topics of standardisation in a wider context,
but not drill down into those topics in order to avoid


I will provide to the SA WG in advance of the telecon tomorrow, but as it is
a WIP, there is still the opportunity to revise.


I am currently working on the "Service View" - which is a set of tables.  I
will circulate when I have a reasonably complete draft.





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