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I’ve reviewed the latest draft through section 2 and have inserted a few edits that I think make it more understandable.  See what you think.  However my main comment, which I’ve inserted into this version (see below), is about the relationship of an actual project to an ICP.  The inserted comment is as follows:

I belive it is not clear as to the relationahip between the ICP and the actual project. They may be almost the same entity when the objecitve of the project is to generate information, but otherwise I believe the relationship of the ICP stages to the actual project needs to be discussed. In fact, most projects in which new information is the primary objective would most likely refer to their project in terms of the questions they want to answer or some results to be achieved and not in terms of the information to be preserved. I believe clarifying this, for the stages, is critical to (wide) adoption and understanding. For example, is the flying of an instrument on a spacecraft the same as the Operation stage?  The spacecraft operation has a lot more going on than just the gathering of information, processing, and analysis.

I’m not sure how I would try to address this. I need to think about it some more, but perhaps others will have some ideas unless you think my concerns is not warranted.


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On Apr 26, 2016, at 12:05 PM, David Giaretta <david at giaretta.org> wrote:

> Notes of CCSDS DAI telecon 20160426
> Present
> ·       David Giaretta
> ·       Mike Kearney
> ·       Claire Caillet
> ·       Terry Longstreth
> ·       John Garrett
> ·       Bob Downs (for a few minutes at the start of the meeting)
> ACTION JGG will set up Webex for next week - DONE - JGG has sent out an email about this
> ACTION DG to report to Mario about wiki - say we use system used before rather than CCSDS wiki
> ACTION DG: Thank Vint Cerf    
> ACTION: ALL: for next meeting: Review current draft and suggest specific wording, both in the normative parts and also the non-normative annexes.
> ACTION: ALL: figure 1-1 - is the update helpful?
> ACTION: ALL: Think about a diagram which might illustrate a "Vision for the Future" (see notes from last week) and suggest further areas of work.
> ACTION : Claire: send pointer to DEDSL software
> ACTION: JGG and CNES: to provide completion dates for various stages of DEDSL XML Schema book so far
> ACTION: DG to ask Mario/Nestor about Green Book
> ACTION DG send info on DMP workshop - DONE - details and registration at -https://indico.cern.ch/event/520120/
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