[Moims-dai] Notes from virtual meeting 19th April 2016 - any corrections?

David Giaretta david at giaretta.org
Fri Apr 22 10:36:23 UTC 2016

Notes of CCSDS DAI virtual meeting 20160419



*       David Giaretta

*       Mike Kearney

*       Bob Downs

*       Mark Conrad

*       Claire Caillet

*       Terry Longstreth

*       John Garrett


Further discussion of Vint Cerf's visit 

Notes have been distributed by email


Report from Mike K on IIPC meeting in Iceland

Mike attended the IIPC Preservation WG and the conference on Web Archiving.

He had prepared slides on CCSDS-DAI to present to the WG but the meeting was
only approx. 2 hours and there was no time to give the presentation. He will
join their (infrequent) telecons. They are very interested in participating
in the OAIS review; they were worried that CCSDS would be too narrow because
of the Space focus. Mike reassured them that a much larger community would
be involved.


The focus of the WG and the conference is Internet Preservation. They were
working on techniques not standards. There was a lack of knowledge of PAIS.

However Mike had separate conversations (in corridors and cover coffee) with
individuals about broader concerns. 

Mike's view now was that rather than think of setting up a liaison it would
be better to offer them information about DAI activities.


Discussion of current document

At a previous meeting the possibility of drastic changes to the current
version of the document (see
) was discussed however there were no detailed notes or proposals.

It was therefore decided to continue with the current draft. The current
document shows 11 versions in the document control section.  Section 3.1.5
needs further details. The table in section 5 is rather too similar from one
row to the next for the various stages - can we put in more guidance? The
annexes need a lot of further work to map the stages and topics to the
example scenarios.

ACTION: ALL: for next meeting: Review current draft and suggest specific
wording, both in the normative parts and also the non-normative annexes.


Other meetings

Next CCSDS meeting

Rome in the week of 17th October



Bob's proposal for a session "Auditing of Trustworthy Repositories" at
SCIDATACON see  <http://www.scidatacon.org/2016/sessions/>


Future outlook

Mike K suggested that we should think about a "Vision of the future". DG
suggested that this could like to interoperability (and "current value").

ACTION: ALL: Think about a diagram which might illustrate this and suggest
further areas of work.



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