[Moims-dai] My thoughts on the meeting with Vint Cerf

David Giaretta david at giaretta.org
Wed Apr 6 09:19:45 UTC 2016

Hi Terry


Nice points, especially about trust and the different time horizons.


Not sure about the point about external vs internal interfaces. The APIs
used for internet access are protected by higher level security protocols
and so do not make data open, although it could, as you say open a window if
the other protocols are not adequate.


If the comment arose from my suggestion about an API for AIPs that was about
how one could provide a way to show that whatever an archive claims is an
AIP can be demonstrated by extracting the various parts using a standard
interface. This would support interoperability of AIPs.


Also, pushing the recursion a bit more, if one looks at an AIP as a digital
object, the Representation Information for it would include the Packaging
Information – which may include software which implements the AIP API.


It would have been very useful to have such an API next week when I will be
talking to the e-Ark people about what they claim are AIPs – it is otherwise
difficult to get them to provide a mapping of their structure to the various
things an AIP must have.


You are right when you say we are not in a position to propose architectural
solutions nor in a position to standardise them.


However maybe we can be more explicit in terms of showing how the standards
fit together – e.g.  OAIS, EAST, XFDU, DEDSL etc.





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This still isn't as good the original that disappeared from my new 'smart?'
phone.   For one thing, it's much longer than my original intent.


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