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I could be wrong, but here is how I mapped the terms.

"digital vellum" a specific instance of a given "digital snapshot".  (i.e. origin.)
As in: copy <m> of <n> of a digital snapshot of <X>, taken at point-in-time <T>.
<n> "digital vellum" (copies) of the snapshot were created.

Over the course of time
Each of the <n> "digital vellum" are mobile.
Each "digital vellum" undergo arbitrary processes such as
Cloning, combination, filtering, transposition, aggregation, voting, concatenation, repetition, fragmentation, slicing/dicing, aging, scrambling, rearrangement, etc.

"manuscripts" would be the information sources from which one or more historians at some future time  <T'> have to make inferences regarding the origin "digital snapshot".

A diversity of snapshot integrity schemes would be employed to assure manuscript message integrity.
Different historians would discover different subsets of the snapshot integrity schemes.

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>From Vint's speech at AAAS annual meeting 2015:

"We're going to have to build into our thinking the concept of preservation writ large," Cerf added.

One possible solution was what he called "digital vellum", a concept now being explored by computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

This involved taking a digital "snapshot" at the time an item is stored of all the processes needed to reproduce it at a later date, including the software and operating system.

The snapshot could then be used to reproduce the game, picture file or spread sheet, on a "modern" computer, perhaps centuries from now.

"Some people make the argument that the important stuff will be copied and put into new media and so why should we worry," said Cerf. "But ... historians will tell you that sometimes documents and transactions images and so on may turn out to have an importance which is not understood for hundreds of years. So failure to preserve them will cause us to lose our perspective."

Brent Kimberley wrote:
Hi David,
I'm not sure if I'm asking this question at the right level; nevertheless, can we assure information preservation in the face of arbitrarily symbol loss/insertions/fading/noise, etc.

I suspect the answer yes; however ,it may implicitly require the use of multiple manuscripts, historians, and/or textual criticism.


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As discussed - need to check the words.

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