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Hi Daniele and all,

I am sorry that I missed the telecons on Thursday and Friday, as I was 
attending an off-campus event and was not able to break-away to join you 
as I had hoped.



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On 9/25/2015 11:34 AM, Boucon Daniele wrote:
> Hi all,
> Please find below the minutes of today PAIS telecon. Feel free to 
> correct or comment.
> _Next telecons_:
> 1. 9-12 November: CCSDS meeting (agenda will come later)
>  2. Thursday 15^rd October  (15h EU time, 9h US time-Washington): 
> dedicated to ILF
> _If available, proposal to use Dave's number for the sound__:_
> Dave Williams
> Telecon information
> +1-844-467-6272      USA Toll Free
> +1-720-259-6462      Others
> Passcode:    841727
> Best regards,
> Daniele
>  __________________________________________________________________________
> *25th**September meeting minutes*
> DB: Daniele Boucon
> DG: David Giaretta
> DS: Don Sawyer
> EC: Esther Conway
> JG: John Garrett
> MA : Mirko Albani
> MM: Mike Martin
> RD: Robert Downs
> SH : Steve Hughes
> SM: Stephane Mbaye
> SR: Stephane Reecht
> BC: Bertrand Caron
> PT: Jean-Philippe Tramoni
> WG: all
> *D=Decision, A=action**(other = discussion)*
> Participants: DB, DS, JG
>  2. *DEDSL*
> WG: ok to change “blue book” to “orange book”..
> *=>A(DB)*: update the CWE framework (DEDSL blue->orange)
>  3. *Core PAIS GB*
> _______________________
> All comments received analyzed and validated during the telecon.
> *=>A(DB)*: make the CNES proto available through the CNES server of 
> public software: sources and executable. -> procedure on the way
> *=>A(DB)*: include the the SIP Builder configuration files in annexes.
> *Message management: -> note added end of section 3.3.
> *Change management in the MOT: a paragraph could be included in 
> section 3.3
> *=>A(D**S**)*:write a paragraph on change management in MOT (in 
> section 3.3)
> *implementation of SIP model elements in XFDU schema: examples of 
> implementations in test cases appear as sufficient -> nothing will be 
> done.
> ________________________
> *Complete document*
> *=>A(DB)=> *complete**existing action, send the complete document to 
> the group for a final look.
> *All file names associated with figures have to be checked and renames 
> when needed.
> *Include SIP Builder Conf files in the document.
> *treat last comments included in the document.
> ________________________
> *Conclusion*
> Document considered as ended.
> Procedure by now:
> *Send a document for a final look (DB).
> *Send the document to Mario Merri for review by CESG (DB).
> *Plan a slot in the Darmstadt meeting dedicated to PAIS GB.
> *25th**September meeting minutes*
> _________________________________________________________________________________

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